IRS Hung Up On 8 Million Taxpayers

IRS Hung Up On 8 Million Taxpayers


IRS Hung Up On 8 Million Taxpayers

In part due to millions of dollars being diverted to Obamacare, the IRS hung up on over 8 million taxpayers this tax season.

A new House Ways and Means Committee report initiated by House Republicans found that of the phone system of the IRS was overloaded this year, forcing the system to hang up on more than 8 million taxpayers. Of those whose calls were not terminated, the report found that only 40% were able to actually reach an IRS employee—and that was usually after a 30+ minute hold time.

One of the main causes for the difficulty in attaining filing help: the Affordable Care Act, which required millions to enforce.

At the House Ways and Means Committee hearing Wednesday, IRS chief John Koskinen said budget cuts were to blame for the agency’s customer service failures. The budget he explained has been downsized by $1.2 billion since 2010, and the imposing demands of Obamacare further reduced their resources.

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