IRS Promotes Tax Cheats Within Its Ranks

IRS Promotes Tax Cheats Within Its Ranks

IRS Promotes Tax Cheats Within Its Ranks

An audit released Wednesday found that the IRS failed to fire and in many cases promoted employees found to have cheated on their taxes.

The Washington Times reports that of the 1,580 IRS employees who were found under review to have deliberately cheated on tax payments (a much larger number made unintentional errors) management declined to terminate 60 percent, citing mitigating circumstances.

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When the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, J. Russell George, took a closer look at a sample of 364 of these deliberate cheats, he found that 108 of them were actually given raises or promotions during the year after they were found to have cheated. The cases of deliberate cheating included artificially inflating expenses and claiming the stimulus homebuyer’s tax credit when they had not actually bought a home.

The review also found that IRS employees did not face certain termination even with multiple violations on their records. When investigators sampled 15 of the over 2,000 cases where employees were found to have repeatedly committed willful violations, they found that the majority remained employed at the IRS.  More

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