Is It Sexist To Call Hillary Clinton By Her First Name?

Is It Sexist To Call Hillary Clinton By Her First Name

Is It Sexist to Call Hillary Clinton By Her First Name?

Feminists say that calling Hillary Clinton by her first name is sexist, while others say it makes her more personable.

An “Outnumbered” panel sounded off today on whether or not it’s sexist to call the former secretary of state by her first name.

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Julie Roginsky said that it’s “stupid” to make this into a feminist issue, explaining that America already has a Clinton – former President Bill Clinton.

“She’s Hillary because we already have a Clinton,” Roginsky said.

Andrea Tantaros wondered why Hillary Clinton would want to use her last name, since people will think of her husband.

“That actually seems anti-feminist,” Tantaros remarked.

Ainsley Earhardt said that Hillary Clinton should embrace that she’s so well known that people think of her when they hear “Hillary.”

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