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ISIS Affiliated Group In Gaza Claims Rocket Attack On Israel

The Sheikh Omar Hadid Brigade, a Salafist organization affiliated with Islamic State, claimed responsibility for the late Sunday night rocket attack on Israel.

Palestinian terrorists fired two rockets at Israel on Sunday night; one exploded in an open area in Eshkol, causing no injuries or damage, and the second failed to cross into Israel, though it triggered warning sirens.

In recent months, the Omar Brigade – named after a key figure who helped Abu Musab al-Zarqawi set up and run al-Qaida in Iraq a decade ago – has attempted to challenge Hamas’s rule in the Strip.

The ISIS linked group claimed responsibility last month for rocket fire on the Israeli cities of Sderot and Beersheba.

The Omar Brigade hopes to spark a new war with Israel that will weaken Hamas and enable it to fill the resulting power vacuum. More

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