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ISIS Caliphate Invades 1st European Country, Christians Told “Convert Or Die”


Thanks to the liberal policies of leftist leaders, members of the ISIS Caliphate have officially infiltrated Europe and are ordering that Christians embrace Islam or suffer the wrath of a Muhammadan sword.

Just as conservatives have warned would happen with mass immigration of Muslim migrants and refugees, the Islamic State has migrated with them, bringing along the same brutality and Islamic supremacy that they perpetuate in the Middle East.

Breitbart reports that Muslims in Sweden are demanding that Assyrian Christian refugees submit to Islam, lest they be beheaded. On Tuesday, Swedish Assyrian Markus Samuelsson discovered jihadist graffiti with a terrifying warning scrawled across his restaurant in Gothenburg. The message read, “Convert or Die” and “The Caliphate is Here.”

“I felt a sudden chill down my spine. It’s terribly painful, we feel threatened,” Samuelsson, who owns Le Pain François, told DN.

Messages of terror written in the same Arabic script have been painted all over the city, many containing the Arabic letter “n,” which represents a Nazi-style form of marking “Nazarenes,” the racist term Muslim supremacists use for followers of Christ.

The same racist symbol was infamously used in Mosul to mark Christian residents, who have had a history in the area for thousands of years. First, the markings appeared on Christians’ houses and businesses, then the growing Caliphate returned to collect jizya, force conversion, or kill the residents.

Because of the Caliphate, every last Christian in Mosul was converted, exiled, or slaughtered.

Samuelsson is one of around 3,000 Assyrian Christians in the city. Now, they live in fear that the same thing that happened in Mosul is happening in Sweden.

Gothenburg is a hotbed for jihadst activity and recruiting, according to Aftonbladet newspaper, which reported earlier this year that at least 150 Muslims have been recruited by ISIS. More


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