ISIS Chicks Show Off Their “Five Star Jihad” Lifestyle By Posing On A BMW Toting AK-47s

26C06C3C00000578-3000271-Five_star_jihad_The_ISIS_wives_study_emerged_as_a_Twitter_accoun-a-2_1426673946078ISIS Chicks Show Off Their “Five Star Jihad” Lifestyle By Posing On A BMW M5 Toting AK-47s…


Is there anything sexier than a woman wearing a trash bag?

Via Daily Mail:

… The study of ISIS wives was released as an Australian jihadist widow shared a series of propaganda pictures she says shows her ‘five star jihad’ lifestyle – and says she and other female jihadists are ‘thirsty’ for the blood of her former countrymen.


In photographs posted to a Twitter account believed to belong to former Melbourne woman Zehra Duman, several women are pictured standing under an Islamic State flag, reclining against a clean white BMW M5, wielding machine guns and dressed from head to toe in black Islamic dress.


In one tweet, Duman said: ‘US + Australia, how does it feel that all 5 of us were born n raised in your lands, & now here thirsty for ur blood?’


Another image of five women standing under an Islamic State flag is captioned: ‘Can’t mess with my clique. From the land down under, to the land of Khilafah. Thats the Aussie spirit.’

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