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ISIS Destroys Christian Gravesites In Mosul

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ISIS Destroys Christian Gravesites In Mosul

There are no other religions but Allah (but this has nothing whatever to do with religion, say Obama).

Via Fox News:

Even Iraq’s dead Christians aren’t safe from ISIS.


The Islamic State’s campaign of terror across the war-torn nation, which has already seen countless beheadings, destruction of priceless art and religious artifacts and insistence that Christians submit or die, now includes mass desecration of graves. Photos of the black-clad, extremist ghouls smashing headstones in cemeteries in the key northern city of Mosul were posted Thursday online under the title “Leveling Graves and Erasing Pagan Symbols.”


“The April 16 destruction of Christian graves in Mosul, Iraq by the Islamic State (ISIS) is part of the organization’s ongoing campaign against Christianity, in the Middle East and throughout the Muslim world,” said Steven Stalinsky, executive director of The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), which flagged the photos. More

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