ISIS Fighters Contracting Deadly Disease All Thanks To One Man’s “Donation”


ISIS Fighters Contracting Deadly Disease All Thanks To One Man’s “Donation”

As ISIS continues to slaughter, rape, and enslave their way through the Middle East, the terrorist group’s sadistic behavior has been the cause of many ailments that have plagued their own militants. Cholera, hepatitis, polio, tuberculosis, measles, and typhoid have all sprung up in the Middle East recently, and many have impacted ISIS fighters, but one disease in particular is making its way through the ranks all because of one man.

The Daily Mail reports that an ISIS jihadist was recently executed by his clan for spread the deadly Aids virus in blood he donated in Syria. The Indonesian donor is said to have donated the blood even though he knew he had Aids.

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The man was sentenced to a brutal execution for intentionally “harming” fellow ISIS members. The tainted blood was quickly spread to several other fighters — but that’s only one of the ways it’s being spread around.

Because of the Islamic State’s lucrative sex slave market, the newly contracted Aids is not only infecting the male militants, but also being passed on to their wives and slaves, who range from prepubescent children to adult women.

The rape or molestation infects the girls, who are then passed around among countless fighters before they are sold to their first master as a concubine. Militants are contaminating one another by infecting their booty of jihad. The disease spreads throughout the militancy, then on to the foreign buyers who had only come because of the intrigue of young girls.

Positive Aids tests on an Egyptian fighter, his 15-year-old sex slave, and at least two other Saudi nationals who also raped the girl have confirmed the outbreak, and ISIS is scrambling to contain it. There are also claims that at least one of the group’s commanders is infected as well.

Although the sharing of sex slaves is an effective way for the Aids to spread, we may expect to see it being passed on in another sickening way.

In a video from September of last year, a captive ISIS terrorist who carried out seven beheadings reveals disgusting details about the induction of new recruits into the large terror cell. He explains that each new member was violently sodomized by their commander.

ISIS then blackmailed the recruits with recordings of the deviant acts, threatening them that if they attempted to leave, they would release the footage to their families. The captive admitted that the leaders called each sodomy session a temporary “marriage.” More


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