ISIS Fighters Have Insatiable Lust For Underage Girls


A woman living in Islamic State-held territory tells the BBC that “underage girls are in demand by ISIS.”

A woman who used the pseudonym “Daughter of Eastern Syria” spoke to BBC Arabic in a rare video interview conducted directly from a town almost completely held by ISIS called Deir al-Zour. The interview, which premiered Dec. 2, describes the hellish life of women living under ISIS rule.

“Sometimes wives of foreign fighters go into homes looking for girls of certain age. Once they find them they force them to marry a fighter. Underage girls are in demand by IS fighters,” says the woman. She goes on to explain that the wives of foreign fighters are particularly harsh on local Syrian women, and often harass them on behalf of ISIS. Though male ISIS leaders create the draconian rules for women, its is the female ISIS police force that enforces them.

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Daughter of Eastern Syria goes on to explain that “[women]are being humiliated. [We] are being arrested, flogged, beaten, and subjected to all sorts of punishments.” She explains that ISIS fighters believe “women should be obedient and always follow orders.” More


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