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ISIS Hands Out Candy To Celebrate Mass-Murder In Brussels

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Via Clarion:

The Islamic State has been publicizing and boasting about the horrific attack which hit Brussels yesterday.


Here is its official announcement, translated by Clarion Project Arab Affairs Analyst Anwar el-Iraqi:


An Announcement About the Blessed Invasion of Brussels in Crusader Belgium.


By the grace of Allah a security group went out on its way containing the soldiers of the Caliphate (Allah will bless them and help them in their victory) against the crusader Belgium which hasn’t stopped fighting Islam and its people. Allah helped our brothers and he put fear into the hearts of the crusader inside their houses.


The soldiers of the Caliphate went forth wearing explosive belts and carrying side bombs and automatic weapons against sites that were chosen specifically in Brussels the capital of Belgium. They entered the airport of Brussels and the metro station and killed the crusader before detonating their explosive belts in the crowd. As a result of the attack there are more than 40 dead and no less than 210 injured among the residents of the crusader states and to Allah the grace and the thanks.


We promised the crusader countries who have a coalition against the Islamic State black days as a response to their aggression against the country of Islam. What is coming will be more catastrophic and more bitter with the permission of Allah.


Praise Allah for his helping us to succeed and we ask his graciousness to accept our brothers as martyrs.


The Islamic State also handed out candy to children and its subjects to celebrate the attack, sharing pictures via its propaganda outlets.

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