ISIS Jihadist Tweets Pamela Geller’s Home Address ➠ Urges Followers To ‘#GoForth’


ISIS Jihadist Tweets Pamela Geller’s Home Address, Urges Followers to ‘#GoForth’

International Business Times (IBT) reports that a man believed to be British Islamic State jihadist “kingpin” Junaid Hussain tweeted free speech activist Pamela Geller’s home address, apartment number and all, accompanied by the hashtag “#GoForth.”

The tweet came just hours after a third man connected to a plot to kill her and to murder Boston police was arrested. Hussain’s Twitter account, under the name Abu Hussain al-Britani, has since been suspended.

Just last month, two terrorists were killed and one security guard injured in Texas during a controversial “Draw Muhammad” contest organized by Geller, who heads a group called the American Freedom Defense Initiative. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack. More

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