ISIS Killers Bulldoze 5th Century Syrian Church – Dig Up and Desecrate Saint’s Remains


ISIS bulldozed a the fifth century Church of St. Elian near Homs, Syria.

Islamic State terrorists also dug up the bones of the patron saint after bulldozing the church.

Saint Elian (Syria) (died 284 CE), Catholic saint from Homs martyred for refusing to renounce Christianity reported:

The twisted terror group today released a video showing its barbaric militants razing the ancient Mar Elian monastery to the ground, even digging up and desecrating the bones of a Christian saint.


There were reports that fighters had also kidnapped the monastery’s abbot, Father Jacques Mouraud and a church volunteer, Botros Hanna, who are both now feared dead.


Earlier this month ISIS abducted up to 250 Christians from the monastery and its surrounding villages, many of whom were women and children.

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