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ISIS Launches BIZARRE New Weapon In War Against The Infidel ➠ FLOATING CONDOM BOMBS (Video)

ISIS Launches BIZARRE New Weapon In War Against the Infidel ➠ FLOATING CONDOM BOMBS

ISIS launched a new weapon in the fight to conquer the infidel – Condom bombs. The Islamic State released this bizarre video of their condom bomb technology.



ISIS launched the condom-bombs over the skies of Idlib hoping they would crash into Russian jets.
Genius! reported:

BIZARRE footage has been released appearing to show ISIS fighters using bombs attached to blown up CONDOMS to try to bring down Russian fighter jets.


The incredible three minute video shows jihadis putting together the explosives before releasing the contraceptives into the air.


Said to take place in the Syrian town of Idlib, the scenes show the desperate levels the terrorists are going to try to stop Vladimir Putin’s onslaught.


The astonishing footage, which has religious chanting running over the top, begins with jihadis assembling the bombs in a room with Arabic writing on the walls.


They then release them into the sky before they explode.


Moscow’s offensive on ISIS has seen hundreds of targets obliterated in three weeks of airstrikes.


Earlier this week Russian defence chiefs revealed yesterday it had taken out 49 buildings and vehicles belonging to the terror group in just one day alone.

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