ISIS Massacres 300 Yazidi Prisoners

ISIS Massacres 300 Yazidi Prisoners

ISIS Massacres 300 Yazidi Prisoners

At least 300 Yazidi prisoners were killed by the Islamic State in a camp near Mosul in Iraq on Sunday. An official from the Kurdish Democratic Party said “Women, children and elderly people are confirmed among the victims. IS gathered them in one place and shot them all together.”

The Islamic State took thousands of Yazidi prisoners when it seized large swathes of Iraq last summer.The men were placed in orange jumpsuits, shackled, and marched onto a beach in Northern Iraq. ISIS terrorists decapitated them and published the video on social networks. Women and girls were sold into sex slavery. The Yazidis are Kurdish Christians, whose ancient religion Yazidism is linked to Zoroastrianism and ancient Mesopotamian religions.They live in the Nineveh Province of Iraq, Armenia, Georgia, and Syria. According to a report from The Clarion Project; “Yazidis who escaped told of an endless nightmare of rape and beatings.”

During an Iraqi Parliamentary session last August, Yazidi MP Vian Dakil made an impassioned plea to save her people from genocide being carried out by ISIS. While breaking down in tears, she said: “We are being slaughtered, annihilated. An entire religion is being wiped off the face of the Earth. Brothers, I am calling out to you in the name of humanity!” She described the fate of 30,000 Yazidi families besieged on Mount Sinjar without food or water. “Save us!” she pleaded. More

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