ISIS Releases ‘KILL LIST’ Of American Cops…

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In a move that should concern police, their families, and every American who supports our law enforcement officers, ISIS has released a “kill list” of American police officers they are encouraging their sympathizers to attack!!

Fox News:

The Islamic State released a 39-page list online that identifies past and present New Jersey police officers as potential targets.

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An ISIS website published the 39-page list earlier in March that includes full names and details of police officers from all over the state – many of whom served as New Jersey Transit officers.


FBI spokesman Mike Whitaker said the agency is aware of the situation and “we’re providing assistance to the NJ Transit police.”


NJ Transit spokesman Jim Smith said the agency’s information system was not compromised. However, some information was breached from an outside vendor, he said.


Smith said the agency is working with the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI to determine how the officers’ information was obtained.


The pages also include threatening statements, such as: “There is no system save;” “your protection fail;” “we are everywhere;” “Islamic State do not give up until we come to you and kill you.”

This is just disgusting, and we hope that the release of the list gives the authorities some leads on rounding up these degenerate demons. More

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