ISIS Running Scared ➠ Meet Lady Badass About To Give ‘Em Boot In The Backside!

ISIS Running Scared: Meet Lady Badass About To Give ‘Em Boot In The Backside

Despite our nation’s leaders ignoring the threat in the Middle East in order to avoid political backlash from their fellow wussies, not everyone has found themselves so morally bankrupt. In fact, one North Carolina woman has felt so obligated to do something about ISIS that she’s personally left to join the fight.

However, what speaks the most is what she had to sacrifice in order to do so.


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According to multiple reports, Samantha Lois Jay Johnston – who goes by Samantha Jay – has recently left the United States to fight ISIS alongside Kurdish forces. Although she served in the U.S. Army from 2008-2011 as a geospatial engineer, she’s decided that she can no longer stand idly by as the terrorist organization wreaks havoc on the area.

Unfortunately, in order to do join the fight, she would have to leave her three children – one 5-year-old and a set of 3-year-old twins – behind in Emerald Isle, North Carolina. During a recent interview with The Daily Caller, she explained that she got “all the way to the airport,” before almost turning back.


In the end, she decided to go forward with her plan, knowing she’d regret the decision for the rest of her life if she didn’t follow through with it. Justifying her decision, she noted, “I couldn’t look my children in the eyes and say, ‘I didn’t do anything to help.’”

“I decided to come fight because I felt like it was my duty,” she went on to say. “These children here who are homeless, orphaned; mothers and sisters have been raped and sold, fathers who have been killed, they are suffering, and I knew that I couldn’t just sit and do nothing.”


She concludes, “To me this has nothing to do with religion. I am a Christian but I’m protecting humanity. No matter the race or religion.”

Ms. Johnston frequently updates her Facebook pages (here and here) with photos and statements explaining her current condition. She is seen in a few recent photos bearing the Kurdish flag and one selfie wielding a Kalashnikov firearm. More

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