ISIS Sharia Police Arrest One Man For Wearing Tight Clothes & Second For Shaving His Beard



ISIS Sharia Police Arrest One Man For Wearing “Tight Clothes,” Second For Shaving His Beard…

Worth noting Obama’s new Iranian BFF do the same thing.

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Al- Raqqa Province: Reliable sources informed SOHR that “al- Hesbah members of Islamic State” arrested 2 men this morning in Tal abyad street in the city of al- Raqqa; the first one arrested because “his wear is tight” while the others arrested for “shaving his beard”. The sources confirmed to SOHR that “al- Hesbah members” asked the man who shaved his beard to take them to the barber who shaved his beard, and that the man told them that he was in the regime- held areas and he could not leave his beard long but the members drag him to one of IS post in the city.

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