ISIS Terrorist Linked To Garland Attack POSTS WARNING On Twitter

ISIS Terrorist Linked to Garland Attack POSTS WARNING on Twitter

TWO ISLAMISTS WERE SHOT DEAD, ONE OFFICER WAS WOUNDED at Pamela Geller-Robert Spencer TX Free Speech Conference in May.

Robert Spencer posted a screen grab of a jihadi claiming responsibility for the attack.
Abu Hussain Al Britani is a well known Islamist with with the Islamic State of Iraq.
(His account was taken down.)

abu britani

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SooperMexican and the Los Angeles Times reported that Abu Hussain Al Britani apparently had foreknowledge of the attack, tweeting before the attack in a now deleted tweet as a result of his account being suspended, “The knives have been sharpened, soon we will come to your streets with death and slaughter! #QaribanQariba”

Abu Hussain Al Britani posted about the attack an hour before the terrorists fired on security guards outside the Garland rally.

Today Abu Hussain al-Britani warned of another pending attack.

abu albritani warning

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