ISIS Using New “Living Weapon” For Horrific Slaughter In Enemy Camps


The sadistic ingenuity of the militants of the Islamic State knows no bounds. Regardless of age, gender, and now even species, ISIS fighters are amping up their offensive attacks against civilians and soldiers by incorporating a particular creature to do their dirty work for them.

Perhaps they became tired of sacrificing recruits, kidnapped girls, and even innocent children for the slaughter of the enemies of Allah, or maybe their was simply an opportunity to express their disregard for life. Whatever the case, reports are swirling that ISIS has begun using domesticated animals as IEDs.

The Daily Mail reports that ISIS jihadists are strapping explosive devises to chickens and detonating them by remote controls. The chickens are sent to wander into enemy camps sites, unknowingly delivering bombs to targets.

Explosives are strapped to the chickens, which are then sent into enemy camps.

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ISIS has been implementing these poultry suicide bombers in and around Fallujah, Iraq, turning the domesticated birds into stealthy death machines.

Once the chickens are within striking distance, the jihadists uses a remote control to trigger the device.

The so-called “suicide chickens” are replacing some of the suicide bombers the terrorist group would otherwise have to convince to carry out the effective jihad operation.

“ISIS will use whatever means they can to bring death and destruction. Using animals has little military value — it is just another example of how their twisted minds enjoy dreaming up bizarre ways to kill people,” said an unnamed British man fighting alongside Kurdish troops in the region.

Photos of the explosive birds surfaced after U.S.-led coalition dropped leaflets in Raqqa that vowed to bring “freedom” to civilians.

The leaflets allegedly contained drawings of dead ISIS fighters and the black flag of the Islamic State turned upside down.

Experts said that ISIS is running low on ammunition, as forces target delivery lines leading to Syria and Iraq daily, according to the Daily Star. So, the group has resorted to using animals to do their evil bidding.

Fighters have resorted to making their own bombs and mortars by using gas canisters and fertilizer that is provided by allies in Turkey, a hotbed for ISIS terrorists. More

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