ISIS Video Shows 14-Year-Old Boy Executing Alleged Iraqi “Spy”


ISIS Video Shows 14-Year-Old Boy Executing Alleged Iraqi “Spy”…

Jihadi John Junior

Jihadi John Junior

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Via Daily Mail:

A chilling video that appears to show a boy executing an alleged Iraqi spy has been released by the Islamic State.


Slickly edited footage shows the teenager, of Western appearance, loading a 9mm handgun as the prisoner is driven into a warehouse by a group of masked militants.


The boy, believed to be around 14 years old, forces him to kneel on the ground and removes his blindfold before making a statement in Arabic vowing to avenge the U.S., Russia and Europe.


He then crouches next to the victim, raises his gun to his head and appears to shoot him three or four times. The victim collapses to ground in a pool of blood.

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