“ISIS Widow” To Wannabe Jihadi Brides ➠ There’s Plenty Of Womanly Supplies & The Food Is Yummy!


“IS Widow” To Wannabe Jihadi Brides: There’s Plenty Of “Womanly Supplies” And The Food Is “Yummy”!…


Via Radio Free Europe:

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An Australian woman who has joined the Islamic State (IS) group is using social media to advise other women who want to follow in her footsteps and join the militants in Syria or Iraq.


Umm Abdullatif, who has been identified in the Australian media as Zehra Dumann from Melbourne, told potential female IS recruits via her Ask.fm page that the “lifestyle” for women in IS controlled lands is “amazing.”


“its [sic]something you need to see for yourself,” Umm Abdullatif said.


The food in Syria is “yummy,” the Australian militant said in another response, although “the tap water makes you sick.”


The women who asked Umm Abdullatif questions about what to expect in IS-controlled Syria and Iraq wanted to know whether Internet connections are good (“it depends on where you are and what internet you use,” was the answer) and whether “all the womanly supplies” are available (“yes, alhamdullilah [praise God],” Umm Abdullatif replied).


Other wannabe female IS recruits were more interested in marriage opportunities.


“Can you look for a husband for me. Help me please,” one Ask.fm questioner asked.


“I am more than happy to inshaAllah [God willing],” Umm Abdullatif responded, asking the woman to contact her privately via the Surespot messenger service. More

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