Islamic Clerics Back Blasphemy Laws ➠ Those Who Insult Mohammed Have NO RIGHT TO LIVE


Islamic clerics back blasphemy laws: those who insult Mohammed have no right to live

It’s not just ISIS or al Qaeda, Hamas, al Shabaab, or the hundreds of other violent jihad groups, Muslim leaders, imams and clerics support and advance the sharia penalty under Islamic law.

Islamic jihadists want to make an example of me. They want to prove by killing me that they can and will act with impunity in the U.S., and that Americans must submit to sharia blasphemy laws — or else. This is ultimately not about me; it is about whether America will stand for freedom or surrender.

Islamic clerics back blasphemy laws: those who insult Mohammed have no right to live

by Kamran Chaudhry, Asia News,  (Thanks to the Religion of Peace)

Ten ulema and a former judge criticised a bill that would water down the existing blasphemy law. They also support the release of Mumtaz Qadri, who murdered Punjab Governor Salman Taseer, who defended Asia Bibi.

Lahore (AsiaNews) – Islamic religious leaders have attacked the government’s plan to neutralise the much criticised blasphemy laws, and expressed strong support for the release of Mumtaz Qadri, the bodyguard who murdered Punjab Governor Salman Taseer.

An emotionally charged ‘Seminar for protection of Prophet’s dignity’ was held last Saturday at Lahore Press Club. Ten ulemas expressed their reservation against a draft bill that aims to add the word “intention” to the law.

Human rights groups as well as Church leaders have repeatedly stated that 295C is used in extrajudicial killings and the burning of Christian settlements.

If approved by the Law Ministry, the new legislation would be reviewed by a committee before going to parliament. According to seminar speakers, 14 people accused of blasphemy have been hanged so far, whilst 19 more are serving life imprisonment.

The speakers included retired Justice Mian Nazir Akhtar, counsel to Mumtaz Qadri, who is jailed for killing Punjab governor Salman Taseer because he referred to the country’s blasphemy law as “black law” in a television show.

Taseer, a Muslim, had gained popularity among Pakistan’s Christian minority for trying to help Asia Bibi, a Christian woman sentenced to death for allegedly defiling the name of the Prophet Muhammad.

The judge who sentenced Mumtaz Qadri to death left for Saudi Arabia along with his family after receiving death threats from extremists. More

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