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The Islamic Global Plot To Conquer The West Through Refugee Invasion… It Is What It Looks Like It Is

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Joe Simpson, a writer from the well known blog “American Thinker” stated this refugee crisis is being driven by ISIS and other extremists on the left in America.

It’s not an accident that the migration is to Europe which will overflow into the US.  Simpson claims its text book– straight from a far left leaning socialistic/communistic model called the “Cloward-Piven”  strategy.

From the radio interview:

He [Simpson] warns that we are being attacked with a “massive Islamic Cloward-Piven strategy,” which attempts to collapse our society by overloading it with social welfare expenditures. He says plainly we are witnessing an attack on “the West, as it always has been with everything.”


Simpson warned against being sucked into false compassion arguments, such as those for the millions who have supposedly been displaced by the Syrian civil war. “The Left, just as it does with everything, they look for the hook of compassion and trick people into believing that that’s what their agenda is, when their agenda really is to flood this country with so many different problems, people from so many different places, that our countrybecomes unrecognizable.”

This strategy was outlined by a classmate of Obama’s, Wayne Root:

I am Barack Obama’s classmate at Columbia University, Class of ’83. We were taught a plan back then to collapse the U.S. economy and destroy this country. It was called “Cloward-Piven” (named after a husband and wife professor team at Columbia). The Cloward-Piven plan involved using spending, entitlements, debt and crisis after crisis to overwhelm the system, distract and overwhelm the citizens, and cause the collapse of America. At that point the people would be on their knees begging for big government to save them from drowning. They’d willingly accept a socialist Nanny State without argument or debate under duress.

The start of this Cloward-Piven strategy was seen south of the border during Obama’s first term.  Down in the South American countries radio stations were encouraging the people to go-migrate to America, “Obama is our hero and we can all get in”.   These broadcasts were leaked from the Obama regime, to the various stations it was found.  Phase two under way, but mixed in this time will be hardcore jihadists-what would be your strategy if you wanted to destroy America?

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