Islamic Hardliners Ban Women’s Soccer Match Uniforms ➠ “Too Tight” And Tantalizing!

Islamic Hardliners Ban Women’s Soccer Match in India; Uniforms “Too Tight” and Tantalizing

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Women’s soccer uniforms get Islamists all hot and bothered.

Officials canceled a women’s soccer match in Malda, India after complaints be Muslim hardliners.
The uniforms were “too tight” and tantalizing.

The Kolkata Post reported:

Islamic hardliners banned women’s football match at Malda with the support of local administration, media reports claim.


Reports say that Muslims in the area complained that the soccer costumes are too tight and women should not be wearing such dresses as they are not ‘good’ for the society. The incident took place in Malda’s Chandipur village.


According to the reports, the football match was organised by Progressive Youth Club. Most members of this club are Muslims and the motive behind organising the event was to promote outdoor sports among girls.


Block Development Officer (BDO) of Harishchandrapur, Malda has confirmed the report saying the administration succumbed to the pressure from the Muslim leaders. More

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