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Islamic Reformer ➠ Obama’s Iran Deal Guides Us Into Disaster ➠ Don’t Do Business With The EVIL Called Iran!

Islamic reformer Dr. Zuhdi Jasser (of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy) praised Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu after his speech in Congress, while blasting President Obama for leading the United States and the entire Middle East into disaster by trying to reach a deal with Iran:

“I can’t tell you how gratifying, how validating it is, to hear finally somebody begin to fill in the vacuum of leadership in the world; somebody to cal out Iran for the evil that it is; call out militant Islam for what it is and say that Christians, Jews, Muslims who believe in freedom, never again will allow fascism in the name of anything, let alone my faith of Islam, guide us and lead us into disaster.”

He went on:

Netanyahu “laid out the details and in his speech… he allowed the American people now to finally understand a) what’s at stake and b) what’s happening by our basically cozying up in an appeasement manner to the evil of Iran as they just in the last week continued to thump their chest against us and threaten Israel.” More

HT: Elizabeth Hawkes

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