Islamic State Confiscates Mother’s Day Cake Molds In Syria

Islamic State Confiscates Mother’s Day Cake Molds In Syria…

Because delicious cakes are un-Islamic.

BEIRUT – ISIS went on a campaign against Mother’s Day cakes in eastern Syria’s Al-Mayadeen, where the group has faced violent resistance for its arbitrary policies.

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“ISIS members roamed Al-Mayadeen’s markets on March 21, confiscating molds bearing Mother’s Day phrases,” the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported Monday.


The report added that ISIS was angered by the cakes because it considers the celebration of Mother’s Day, which was observed Saturday in Syria, a “heresy.”


ISIS has not issued official condemnations of Mother’s Day, however the militant group’s members and supporters took to Twitter to bash the celebration.


The confiscation of cake molds was the latest repressive move by ISIS in Al-Mayadeen, which the group seized in early July 2014 as part of its broader offensive against rebel groups in the Deir Ezzor province.

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