Islamic State Executes Anti-ISIS Media Activists For Smuggling News Out Of Raqqa


Via The Telegraph:

Militants from Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) have executed two men in the Syrian city of Raqqa, accusing them of involvement in local efforts to smuggle out news of the extremist group’s atrocities.


The interrogations of Bushra Abdulazim al-Salem, 21, and Faisal Husain al-Habeeb, 20, are shown in a video released by Isil on Sunday. The men are dressed in the same lurid orange jumpsuits that the group uses in many of its execution videos.


“I took photos in Rumaila, Tal Abyad, al-Wadi, streets, main and local streets, panorama, Isil members—anybody who comes in front of it, any street that has a base for Isil,” said Mr Salem, referring to areas that have been held by the extremists.


Sitting handcuffed in a darkened room, Mr Habeeb said he had taken photographs and had footage on Isil positions using a smart watch, and later encrypted the files before sending them to an activist group in Turkey. More

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