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Islamic State Stones Man To Death For Adultery

Islamic State Stones Man To Death For Adultery In Raqqa…ISIS-1

For the second time (the man escaped before the sentence was completed the first time).


Reliable sources informed SOHR that IS organization stoned a man for “adultery” near al- Rashid park in the city of al- Raqqa yesterday. The sources confirmed that during carrying out the “Islamic punishment of adultery” the man could escape but IS militants could arrest him again dragging him to one of IS jails in the city, where they informed people that his sentence had been commuted.”


In late January, reliable sources reported to SOHR that IS militants stoned a woman in the city of al- Raqqa on charge of “adultery”. The sources confirmed to SOHR that IS militants stoned her in al- Ferdos Street until they thought that she died but she surprised them when she escaped after stoning her, where one of militants tried to shoot her but one of IS Sharia judge prevent him saying that “her sentence is done let her go and repent to her God.”

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