Islamic State To Allow Women To Blow Themselves Up!

Islamic State To Allow Women To Blow Themselves Up


How progressive.

Via RFE:

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Can female Islamic State (IS) militants be suicide bombers?


If so, where can they blow themselves up?


Under what circumstances can “jihadi brides” shoot a sniper rifle? Or a Kalashnikov?


And what sewing skills should a would-be militant wife possess?


All these questions and more are answered in a new treatise issued this week by the Zora Foundation, a pro-IS media group aimed at the wives and would-be wives of IS militants.


The treatise exploring the thorny issue of how and when women can be involved in waging “jihad” was shared on Twitter.


“While this document is not an official declaration of Islamic State policy towards the permissibility of women fighting, it is certainly reflective of it,” Charlie Winter, a senior researcher at the counterextremism think tank Quilliam, told RFE/RL.


The treatise was written in response to a question from a woman in Saudi Arabia who asked a scholar named Sheikh Abu Abdullah al-Mansur whether women are allowed to take part in fighting, and how they should “serve the mujahedin,” or jihadi fighters.


A woman ought to support the mujahedin “according to her abilities” — “treating the sick, sewing, cooking, washing, or any other measures,” the treatise advises.


On the more complicated issue of women on the battlefield, the treatise explains that female militants are only allowed to fight in a defensive capacity. In other words, women cannot be used suicide bombers in an offensive operation — except if they are granted permission by their “amir,” or commander. More

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