Islamic State Used Captured U.S. Humvee In Suicide Bombing


Islamic State terrorists used a modified U.S. Army Humvee to carry out a suicide car bombing in western Iraq last month.

A video posted online Oct. 24 revealed that the Humvee had been fortified with metal plates and packed with explosives as a jihadist suicide bomber drove it into a Shiite militia base, causing a huge explosion.

The use of the Army vehicle appears from the video to have been part of the large amount of U.S.-supplied weapons and equipment captured by the Islamic State during its takeover of part of Iraq last year.

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The terrorist who conducted the attack was identified in the video as Abu-Khalid al-Tajiki, possibly an Islamic State member from Tajikistan who appeared to be in his 20s.

The vehicle had been painted in Army camouflage and is outfitted with a yellow steel sheet in the front of the vehicle. It was filmed driving to an Iraqi desert outpost described in the video as a base for Iraqi Shiite militias. More


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