Islamic State Video Claims Killing Of “Israeli Spy” Musallam


Video posted online by Islamic State Tuesday shows a boy killing Muhammad Musallam, an Israeli Arab accused by IS as working for Mossad. Deborah Lutterbeck reports.

(Reuters) – A video posted online by Islamic State militants on Tuesday showed a boy fatally shooting Muhammad Musallam, an Israeli Arab accused by the group of having signed up as a jihadi to spy for Israel’s intelligence service.

The video, published by the group’s Furqan media outlet, showed Musallam, 19, sitting in a room wearing an orange jumpsuit, talking about how he had been recruited and trained by Mossad. He said his father and elder brother had encouraged him.

After that, it showed Musallam being escorted to a field and then being shot in the head by a boy, described by an older, French-speaking fighter as one of the “cubs of the caliphate”. More

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