Islamic State’s “Five Star Jihad” Wives Beg For Donations

26C06C3C00000578-3000271-Five_star_jihad_The_ISIS_wives_study_emerged_as_a_Twitter_accoun-a-2_1426673946078Islamic State’s “Five Star Jihad” Wives Beg For Donations…


Wives of slain Melbourne jihadists beg for donations to Islamic State – Herald Sun

THE wives of two slain Melbourne foreign fighters are calling for Australians to donate to Islamic State while posting images of their husbands holding a severed head.

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The wife of Roxburgh Park’s Suhan Rahman, killed just last week, has tweeted images of herself and female friends dressed in full burqas, brandishing AK47 rifles and leaning on a BMW M5 with an IS flag draped over the bonnet.


The woman, who goes under the Twitter handle Umm Jihad, also boasts about the glitz and glamour of life with the Australian terrorists.


“If you can send money to the Mujahideen here and you are able to assist a fighter dm (direct message) me and send as much as you are able to,” she says.


Melburnian Zehra Duman, the wife of Rahman’s mate, Mahmoud Abdullatif, has also tweeted propaganda.


Duman, who goes by the Twitter name Umm Abdullatif, states: “Ft. (featuring) The Sharrouf Family, me & Umm Jihad kikn it in the Khilafah.”

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