Islamists Post “Congratulations” After British Muslims Murder Peaceful Shopkeeper

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Muslim shopkeeper Mr. Shah posted Easter greetings to Christians on Facebook last week. Hours later Mr. Shah was stabbed to death by Islamists. Now Muslims are gloating online over the murder of Mr. Shah. reported:

Radical Islamists attacked Asad Shah online – even posting “congratulations to all Muslims” – and gloated over his death after he posted a series of videos promoting peace and understanding between Muslims and Christians.

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Mr Shah, 40, was stabbed to death outside his shop just four hours after wishing friends and neighbours in Glasgow a “very happy Easter” online.


Police have said the killing was religiously motivated and have charged Tanveer Ahmed, 32, from Bradford in Yorkshire with murder.


He appeared before Glasgow Sheriff Court earlier today and made no plea.


The court appearance comes amid widespread outrage after trolls gloated about the death of Mr Shah, who was stabbed and killed on Thursday, on a Facebook page.


One of the sick messages, which contains a link to a news story about the killing, said: “Congratulations to all Muslims.”

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