Israeli Artists Have Their Mohammed Cartoons Censored At Charlie Hebdo Exhibit

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Wouldn’t want to enrage the Religion of Peace™.

Via Times of Israel:

Two Israeli caricaturists had their drawings censored at a Tel Aviv exhibit to commemorate last year’s terrorist attack on the Paris offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, Hebrew-language media reported on Sunday.

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The works were allegedly censored after the French Embassy expressed concern over their portrayal of the Prophet Muhammad, both Globes and NRG reported.


Caricaturists Vladik Sandler and Roy Friedler had submitted cartoons to the “Apres Charlie” (“After Charlie”) exhibition — a tribute to the 11 people, including five cartoonists, who were murdered in the attack on January 7, 2015.


The exhibit opened Thursday and runs throughout January at the French Institute in central Tel Aviv.


Sandler’s picture, which portrayed Muhammad as a nude model for the five cartoonists murdered in last year’s attack, was removed from the exhibit. Meanwhile, a sticker was placed over an image of Muhammad in Friedler’s picture of the cartoonists going up to heaven, only to find Muhammad waiting at reception. In the accompanying text, one of the cartoonists says: “Friends, I think we’re screwed…”


In a Facebook post published Saturday, Sandler wrote: “I sent two caricatures to the exhibit, and both of them touched in one way or another on the fact that since the attack, Muhammad is not being drawn in the newspaper. To my great surprise, when I arrived at the opening evening of the exhibit, I discovered that after a special request from the French Embassy, one of my caricatures had been removed.” More

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