Israeli Police ➠ Bus Stop Tragedy Appears To Be ‘Terrorist Incident’

Israeli Police ➠ Bus Stop Tragedy Appears To Be 'Terrorist Incident'


Israeli Police: Bus Stop Tragedy Appears to be ‘Terrorist Incident’

Police say they now suspect that a Palestinian man deliberately drove his car into two Israeli pedestrians at a Jerusalem bus stop Wednesday.

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After initially telling reporters that it was unclear whether or not the act was deliberate, police say that their early findings lead them to suspect it was a “terrorist incident.”

“The interrogation and initial findings strengthen suspicion this was a terrorist incident,” said police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld Thursday.

Reuters reports that the driver was a 37-year-old Palestinian man from East Jerusalem. He was treated after sustaining “light injuries” and has been taken in for questioning.

The incident resulted in the death of a 26-year-old Israeli man and the severe injury of an Israeli woman. VIN News reports:

The man who died from his injuries was 25-year-old Shalom Yohai Sherki of Jerusalem. He sustained head injuries in the incident and was sedated by MDA paramedics and placed on a ventilator. The woman who was injured also sustained head injuries and was sedated and placed on a ventilator. 


Sherki is the son of Rabbi Uri Sherki the head of the Israeli Department at Machon Meir.

Reuters points out the incident took place at the same intersection of another act of terrorism (hyperlink added):

The attack took place on the opposite side of an intersection in East Jerusalem where last year a car slammed into commuters waiting at a tram stop, killing three people, including a baby. Its Palestinian driver was shot dead by police.


Along the same main route through the city last month, a Palestinian motorist rammed his vehicle into a group of people standing near a tram stop, injuring at least five. He was shot and wounded by police. 

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