Israeli Reporter To Obama ➠ Israelis Can’t Afford For Him To Be Wrong On Iran

Obama interviewed by Ilana Dayan

Israeli Reporter to Obama: Israelis Can’t Afford for Him to be Wrong on Iran

The Washington Examiner reports that in an interview with President Obama that aired on Israeli TV this week, reporter Ilana Dayan warned that Israelis cannot afford for him to be wrong on Iran, for if he allows the country to go nuclear, Tel Aviv will the first city that gets bombed​.

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“Mr. President, there is a remarkably sincere observation you made once. You said ‘nothing comes to my desk that is perfectly solvable,'” Dayan said in the interview:

And you said, “Any given decision I make, I’ll wind up with a 30-40 percent chance that it isn’t going to work.” I’m afraid Israelis cannot afford even a three to four percent chance that you are wrong Mr. President, because if you are, the bomb will hit Tel Aviv first.

Obama responded,

We have imposed the most effective sanctions on Iran over the course of the last five years which has caused them to lose a decade of growth. At the time, people were skeptical … Then we were able to force Iran to the negotiation table because of the effective sanctions. More

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