It Begins… School Board Fires Principal for Handing Out Prayer Books

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It Begins… School Board Fires Principal for Handing Out Prayer Books

Dekalb Principal Sharon Spears was fired this week for handing out prayer books.


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It was offensive.


USofArn reported:

On Monday the secular war against people of faith and any expression of it came to Dekalb when in a 5-2 vote the Dekalb school board fired Brooks Elementary school principal Shahran Spears because someone complained about Spears handing out prayer books to teachers and other staff at the school last month as a part of staff appreciation week.


The school board leveled seven accusations against Spears as the basis for their dismissal of her one was the fact that Spears used about $200 in district funds to purchase copies of Inspire for Teachers: Prayers, Promises and Proverbs for those who change lives and touch hearts by Josie Carr to give out to staff as a gift. The rest of the charges stem from a complaint filed by a parent and teachers union representative that Spears played a religiously themed song, at a meeting with students and teachers in November of last year.


After Spears handed out the books in May the school district placed her on administrative leave for the final few weeks of the school year giving no explanation to parents when it was announced.

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