It Only Took This Commissioner 9 Words To Make Muslims Go INSANE!

A county commissioner had better watch his head — literally — after a rousing speech he recently gave in response to the Islamization of our Christian nation.


It takes a special kind of ignorance to see what has gone on in the Middle East for over 1,400 years and say, “I’d like to bring that over here,” but it takes an even braver person to see the consequences of speaking out against it and still say, “Not in my country.” This is exactly what one North Carolina politician has vowed, and the Islamosympathizers and angry Muslims are out in full force.

Although we hear crickets from the left when it comes to the atrocities committed by Islamists, we certainly hear them roar when we have a few choice words about their religious ideology. In fact, it only took Lincoln County Board of Commissioners Chairman Carrol Mitchem a few words to awaken an army that’ll show him just how “peaceful” they really are.

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“Other religions, or whatever, are in the minority. The U.S. was founded on Christianity,” Mitchem said. “I don’t believe we need to be bowing to the minorities. The U.S. and the Constitution were founded on Christianity. This is what the majority of people believe in, and it’s what I’m standing up for.”

Mitchem told the Lincoln Times-News that, in response to an order by a federal court judge to cease pre-meeting prayer, the board will not only continue to practice their religion, but that Muslims are not welcome to raise their rear ends in reverence to Allah on the property.

“A Muslim? He comes in here to say a prayer, I’m going to tell him to leave,” Mitchem said. “I have no use for (those) people. They don’t need to be here praying to Allah or whoever the hell they pray to. I’m not going to listen to (a) Muslim pray.”


“Changing rules on the way the United States was founded, Constitution was founded (I don’t like),” Mitchem told the paper. “I don’t need no Arab or Muslim or whoever telling me what to do or us here in the county what to do about praying. If they don’t like it, stay the hell away.”


“We’re fighting Muslims every day. I’m not saying they’re all bad,” Mitchem said. “They believe in a different God than I do. If that’s what they want to do, that’s fine. But, they don’t need to be telling us, as Christians, what we need to be doing. They don’t need to be rubbing our faces in it.”

As politically incorrect as Mitchem’s response might sound, this wasn’t aimed at any Muslim’s attempt to pray in the building. In fact, it doesn’t appear that there is any complaint from a person of differing religious beliefs. The praying participants have agreed that they wish to say a prayer before engaging in politics and that anyone who didn’t want to pray would be free to exempt themselves from it.

Still, taqqiya practitioners like Jibril Hough, spokesman of terror-linked Islamic Center of Charlotte, was able to divert attention to his religion’s medieval laws.

“If you don’t believe the rights of the minority are equal to the rights of the majority, then you are against what America stands for,” Hough said. “That’s why we live in a democratic republic.” More



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