James Woods Has The Perfect Question For Scout Debacle

Has the MSM so totally destroyed its own credibility as an institution by its slavish devotion to the Barack Obama presidency isn’t capable of even questioning any part of the liberal agenda anymore?

The Democrat’s end goal is to literally destroy all intact family units as well as religious faith & to corrupt the public education system. When humans can’t depend on family or faith for hope and support the government takes the place of God.


Leave it to James Woods to cut to the chase.

The Hollywood actor — a rock of conservative logic in a puddle of flaccid thinking — has built a well-earned reputation for cutting commentary on social issues.

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But his question this week about the news that the Boy Scouts have officially, unconditionally surrendered to political correctness by changing their name was even sharper than usual.

And his logic was unassailable.

Not even the biggest fans of the change have an answer.

Woods’ tweet was spurred by the news that the Boy Scouts of America — a revered name in youth development since it was incorporated in 1910 — would no longer be known by anything so gender-specific as the word “Boys.”

Do you think this will eventually mean the end of Scouting?

Instead, the organization will now be known as “Scouts BSA,” to reflect its decision last fall to buckle under to conformist pressures and open its ranks to girls.

The move might have been greeted with joy by liberals, but there’s no small amount of outrage — and contempt — among critics for the Scouts’ about-face, and the new name that symbolizes it.

As always, Woods tweet stirred up comment from all ends of the political spectrum, but there were quite a few that saw a dark force at work.

The answer to that one, unfortunately, is obvious. More


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