Jihad Car Bomb Attack Kills Egypt’s District Attorney


“Today Egypt’s District Attorney was killed by jihadists in a car bombing. This was not the first time to target this great gentleman. May God rest his soul in peace.

Please ask the US Administration to stop supporting terrorism of Muslim Brotherhood. My country Egypt is sad today. We are Muslims but we are not terrorists. Some are and we hate them.”


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Indeed, but what is being done to expunge the violent texts and teachings from the theology? Just today, a cleric at Egypt’s (and the Muslim world’s) leading Islamic university declared, “Ramadhan Is the Month of Jihad, Not of Sleep.” His jihad is incitement to slaughter.

The Muslim world must rise up against these ongoing jihad wars and demand reformation of Islam. And we do not see that happening.

Even with this assassination, the enemedia is still shilling for Morsi, head of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood group. More



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