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Jihad In New Jersey: Another Muslim Arrested For ISIS Plot, His Brothers Named Co-Conspirators…

Another day, another American jihad plot thwarted. A Yankee fan and a beheading fan. Sports and slaughter.

Alaa Saadeh, of West New York, New Jersey, has been charged with conspiring to provide material support to the ISIS terror group, the Justice Department announced Monday.

He was also charged with witness tampering, prosecutors said. His brother and a friend were named as co-conspirators.

Saadeh was a store supervisor at Staples in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Saadeh’s brother, who is not named in the indictment, was arrested in Jordan, his native country, on suspicion of supporting ISIS, the U.S. Attorney for New Jersey said in a press release.


He Is Accused of Telling a Witness Not to Talk to the FBI About His Brother’s Support for ISIS


According to prosecutors, Saadeh learned he was under FBI surveillance and told a witness in New Jersey not to tell the FBI about his brother’s support for ISIS and about his brother’s plans to travel to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS. He told the other man to “play dumb” and “be honest up to a point,” but not tell the agents anything about ISIS, according to court documents.


He Allegedly Threatened to ‘Kill Someone’ for Snitching on His Brother (Source)

The FBI says Saadeh told another person that he suspected one of his co-conspirators had “snitched” on his brother, causing him to be arrested in Jordan. He said he would have to “kill someone,” if that was true.

“New Jersey man charged with plotting to support ISIS”, Associated Press, June 29, 2015


NEWARK, N.J. – FBI agents on Monday arrested another New Jersey man who is accused of plotting to support the Islamic State group.


Authorities charged Alaa Saadeh, 23, of West New York, with conspiring to provide material support to the Islamic militant organization and witness tampering. They said he tried to persuade a witness to lie to the FBI.


Saadeh was scheduled to appear before a judge in federal court in Newark on Monday afternoon. It wasn’t immediately clear if he had an attorney. More


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