Jihadist Who Supported Texas Terrorist Attack Used To Work For Amnesty International


Figures. Jihadist Who Supported Texas Terrorist Attack Used to Work for Amnesty International

On Sunday two Islamic terrorists were shot dead during an attack on a cartoon contest in Garland, Texas.

Online jihadist ‘Australi Witness’ praised the Texas terrorist attack online.
The Australian Islamist says he used to work for the far left Amnesty International organization.

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The Sydney Morning Herald reported, via Instapundit:

An Australian Twitter user and Islamic State supporter who appeared to encourage the terrorist attack on an anti-Islamic cartoon event in the US says his movement is “winning the minds of the young generation”.


The man, who goes by the Twitter name Australi Witness, told Fairfax Media he supported what “our mujahideen [holy warriors]in Texas did” but denied that he specifically told them to launch the attacks, in which both assailants died and one security guard was wounded.


The Perth-based man’s activities underscore how social media has created a global reach for jihad sympathisers who can inspire violence across great distances without ever personally knowing the people they are inciting…


…Australi Witness insisted he did not “explicitly” tell Simpson and Soofi to carry out the attacks, though Fairfax Media understands he could face prosecution under the Abbott government’s new laws against advocating terrorism.


“I support what our mujahideen in Texas did, but I take no responsibility for it. Allah commanded them to attack, not me,” he said.


He reportedly posted before Sunday that “Kuffar [unbelievers]are holding a large ‘Draw Muhammed (PBUH) event in Garland, Texas on May 3rd. Please spread to US brothers.”


He also shared tweets by others encouraging an attack similar to the massacre at the office of Paris-based Charlie Hebdo magazine, including calls for “brothers in Texas” to go to the event “with your weapons, bombs or with knifes”, News Corp Australia reported…


…He refused to give details about himself, but said he was aged in his 20s, lived in Perth and regularly attended a mosque. He said he previously worked at Amnesty International Australia. More

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