Ouch! Sarah Sanders Just Delivered The Knockout Blow To CNN’s Jim Acosta (Video)

Sarah is fantastic! Jim Acosta invites these sort of responses, by asking her irrelevant and loaded questions. If he acted like a journalist, she would treat him like one.

This was brutal. CNN’s Jim Acosta got a little cocky at the White House press briefing on Thursday. So Sarah Huckabee Sanders slapped him back into place. –TGP.

Sarah Sanders took the podium at the White House Thursday afternoon to answer questions but ended up delivering a knockout blow to CNN’s Jim Acosta.

The White House press secretary took questions on the reauthorization of the FISA court, the imminent immigration bill, DACA and the Russia probe by the FBI.

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However, Acosta was more interested in asking about the president’s cable news diet. Acosta asked Sanders about Trump watching Fox & Friends in the morning and tweeting about the subjects the show was covering.

Acosta asked if the habit was something that was “going on.” Read more at TDC.

Sarah Sanders needled frequent sparring partner Jim Acosta over CNN’s ratings in an exchange at Thursday’s press briefing, saying if President Donald Trump watched CNN its numbers would go up.

Pointing to Trump’s tweet Thursday morning casting doubt on the reauthorization of the FISA surveillance program his own administration supported, Acosta asked about Trump’s reported habit of watching “Fox and Friends,” the conservative Fox News morning show and often sending tweets in response to the segments on the program. –100%FedUp.

Jim Acosta: There’s folks out there who’ve said there’s a cause and effect out there. He watches something on FOX and Friends and then he tweets about it. Is that what happened this morning and does that go on?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders: I’m sure you’re disappointed that he’s not watching CNN.

Jim Acosta: I think he’s watching a lot of CNN if you don’t mind me saying.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders: I don’t think that’s true. I think your numbers would be higher.


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