John Kerry Wants To Take Control Of The Internet From Americans & Give It To The United Nations


John Kerry Wants To Take Control Of The Internet From Americans & Give It To The United Nations

When it comes to the mess the United States is currently in ethically, morally, economically, and spiritually, it falls primarily on the shoulders of one man: Barack Obama. Because of our current president, we’ve seen the country fall into more chaos than ever before with finances on the edge of collapse and a society split among race, religion, political standing, and social status.

However, the fruition of Barack Obama’s America isn’t delegated to just him. It takes a whole administration to bring about said present state. One of Obama’s lapdogs who has helped in such is John Kerry. Though he may not be a blundering buffoon like Hillary Clinton (Benghazi anyone?), Kerry’s was tasked with interesting duties, such as trying to convince Christians that the Holy Bible says they need to protect Muslims from Climate Change. I am well-aware on how stupid that sounds!

John Kerry in South Korea

John Kerry was in South Korea to speak on behalf of the Obama Administration about internet policy.

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Now, John Kerry’s latest duty under the Obama Administration should be of concern among Americans, as well as all freedom-loving people around the world, especially when it comes to the Internet. From what Kerry states, the Internet needs rules to be able to flourish and work properly. What’s worse is who Kerry would put in charge of those rules — the United Nations will be in control of it.

According to The Weekly Standard, John Kerry had a speech in South Korea in which he stated, as mentioned earlier, that the Internet needs rules to flourish and work properly. To enforce his statement, Kerry utilized the guise of foreign policy in association to Internet policy.

What Americans should be concerned about is what entity John Kerry indirectly said should be he proprietor of said Internet policy. It seems Kerry wants the United Nations to be the ones leading the policy as watchdog. His slick wording is manifest through the guise of “international law.”

“As I’ve mentioned, the basic rules of international law apply in cyberspace. Acts of aggression are not permissible. And countries that are hurt by an attack have a right to respond in ways that are appropriate, proportional, and that minimize harm to innocent parties.”


“To build trust, the UN Group of Governmental Experts has stressed the importance of high-level communication, transparency about national policies, dispute settlement mechanisms, and the timely sharing of information – all of them, very sound and important thoughts. The bottom line is that we who seek stability and peace in cyberspace should be clear about what we expect and intend, and those who may be tempted to cause trouble should be forewarned: they will be held accountable for their actions.” More

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