Johns Hopkins University Reverses Ban On Detailed Pro-Life Display



Johns Hopkins University Reverses Ban On Detailed Pro-Life Display…

The pro abortion fanatics hate being confronted with picture of fetuses in different stages.

Via FOX News

Officials at prestigious Johns Hopkins University on Tuesday reversed a decision banning a pro-life display that had appeared for decades at the school’s Spring Fair, after inquired about the matter.


The display, a fixture at the fair for 30 years, was sponsored by the student group JHU Voice for Life. It shows models of unborn fetuses in various stages of development, but was initially rejected this year on the grounds that it “contains triggering and disturbing images.” The decision to reject the display’s presence at the fair, which takes place from April 24-26, was made by a student committee in conjunction with faculty advisers.


“We’ve reviewed your pictures with our advisers and have determined that your display contains triggering and disturbing images and content,” read an email the committee sent to JHU Voice for Life.[…]


“Abortion is disturbing, that’s the reason we have such a table,” Andrew Guernsey, the president of the group, said.


On Tuesday, emailed questions to the students involved in the decision. Forty minutes later, the student committee informed Guernsey by email that the display would be allowed.


In a statement to, the student committee explained:


“We… were wrong in our initial decision and, upon further reflection, have decided we will not impose restrictions on the displays presented by any community groups at Spring Fair… The committee values free speech.”


They also noted that the pro-life group itself had never been banned from the fair; only the display showing the stages of development in the womb had been prohibited.


Experts on free speech say attempts to restrict pro-life arguments are very common on campuses throughout the country.

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