Judge Jeanine Annihilates Hillary ➠ There’s a Reason No One Trusts Her!

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On “Justice,” Judge Jeanine Pirro slammed Hillary Clinton, stating that she can’t be trusted.

“There is no candidate in recent history, for president or any other major office, who has skirted the law, pushed the legal envelope, or been under investigation as much as Hillary Rodham Clinton,” Judge Jeanine stated.


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“The latest yesterday, two inspectors general informed Congress that emails from her private server ‘contained classified information,’ and the fear is there could be hundreds more,” she explained.

“Hillary, you hid and deleted our emails,” Judge Jeanine said. “You were conducting the people’s business– in a manner that prevented anyone from knowing about it. If that isn’t an intent to hide secrets, deceive and defraud the American people, I don’t know what is. So why?” More

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