Judge Jeanine BLASTS Obama’s Refugee Talk: ‘Be Honest for Once’

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On “Justice,” Judge Jeanine Pirro blasted President Obama for “inciting division” at a time when the country needs strong leadership and honesty.


“We are scared. All we want is the truth. No more unsubstantiated narratives,” Pirro said, citing remarks by Obama prior to the Paris terror attacks that al-Qaeda is “on the run” and that ISIS is a “J.V. team” and “contained.”

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Pirro said that Americans aren’t afraid of Syrian refugees, they’re afraid of “radical Islamists — Muslim terrorists who seek to hide among Syrians to enter our homeland.”

She criticized the President for chastising reporters during a press conference over what American values should be and saying that turning away refugees would be “slamming the door in their faces.”

Pirro told the President “don’t play the religion card that we’re not Christian if we don’t do what you want.”

“It’s the individual who turns the other cheek … who is supposed to be charitable. Not the government.”

Pirro also said it’s “baloney” that Syrian refugees would be subjected to, in Obama’s words, “rigorous screening and security background checks.” More

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