Judge Smacks Ed Schultz In D.C. Court For Being a Diva

Judge Smacks Ed Schultz in D.C. Court For Being a Diva

Daily Caller gossip Betsy Rothstein wrote that MSNBC host Ed Schultz drew hostile remarks from an Obama-appointed judge in federal court on Tuesday in the nation’s capital. Schultz is being sued by NBC producer ichael Queen for breach of partnership. Queen claims he helped Big Ed get his MSNBC show.

Judge Beryl Howell began proceeding by “giving Schultz a spanking” for being rude to her courtroom staff:

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“Your client is a star, but not with this staff,” Howell railed at the host’s lead attorney John Hayes just after 9 a.m. Tuesday morning.


Howell seethed, “Arrogance is noticed by the jury and it’s noticed by my staff. I won’t have my staff treated discourteously. He may treat others discourteously, but not my staff.”


She angrily asked Hayes to please instruct his client to get the memo and behave appropriately.


Oh. He got it. As the judge went off, Schultz sat at a courtroom table still and stoic. No one on his stand of the case seemed to know how to react to the rudeness charge.


The Mirror can attest to Schultz’s lack of basic manners. During the pre-trial hearing when I asked him a question, he replied with a huge eye roll and walked away from me in a huff. Even the security guard laughed at his response. More

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