Kathy Griffin Brutally Attacks First Lady ‘Melanie’ Trump In Vile Twitter Attack

Disgraced comedian Kathy Griffin unleashed a despicable attacked on Melania Trump on Twitter after the first lady released a statement Sunday on the separation of families at the border.

The Trump administration came under fire following disturbing photos of ‘migrant’ children locked in “cages” that were circulated and blamed on President Trump’s “zero tolerance” enforcement of the border policy. The fact that the photos were actually taken under former President Obama’s regime seemed to make no difference to liberals who are only about bashing President Trump.

Washington Examiner:

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Comedian Kathy Griffin lashed out at first lady Melania Trump on Sunday after she released a statement calling for a bipartisan effort on Capitol Hill to put an end to President Trump’s enforcement of a “zero-tolerance” policy toward illegal border crossings.

“Fuck you, Melanie. You know damn well your husband can end this immediately… you feckless complicit piece of shit,” Griffin wrote on Twitter, trolling President Trump for mistakenly calling his wife “Melanie” when saying she was recovering well following a kidney procedure in May.

Griffin’s tweet also referenced the controversy sparked by fellow comedian Samantha Bee’s use of the phrase “feckless c–t” to describe first daughter Ivanka Trump last month. More

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