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Kerry On Defeating ISIS ➠ ‘We Have the Capacity ➠ But ‘We’re Not Going To Do It’

Secretary of State John Kerry told members of Congress Wednesday that “we have the capacity” to “knock out ISIL,” but “we’re not going to get suckered into that.”

“The enduring transformation that has to take place here is not going to take place if the United States just comes in and were to knock out ISIL and that’s it, go away. Not gonna happen,” Kerry said during a hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on a hearing about the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, also known as ISIS or ISIL.

“We could do that, actually. We have that capacity, but we’re not asking to do that, nor are they [other Middle Eastern countries]asking us to do that, because I think they understand that the implications of that would be actually to aid in the recruitment to create a bigger problem than we face today,” he continued.

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